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D.I.Y. Highlighter Recharging – Writer's Bloc Blog

D.I.Y. Highlighter Recharging

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to recharge your dried-up highlighters:

  • One dried-up felt-tip highlighter with a felt ink reservoir (not the liquid ink tank kind)
  • One bottle of highlighter ink (such as Noodler’s or Pelikan M205)
  • One shot glass

Add a small amount of highlighter ink to the shot glass. Put the felt tip of the highlighter into the ink in the glass. Wait for at least an hour or more. If the ink in the glass runs dry, add more ink until the highlighter stops absorbing ink. Finished! A simple way to get more life out of your highlighters.

A few notes:

This method is not spill-proof like the Tombow Coat rechargers or Staedtler refill stations, so be careful! Make sure your cat does not tip the glass over.

Your highlighter will take on the characteristics of the new ink. This could be good or bad, depending on if you have any special highlighting needs such as quick drying, inkjet safe, non-bleed through, etc. There is a small chance of some kind of negative interaction between your highlighter and the new ink.

This method works great if the felt tip on your highlighter is still in good condition. After awhile the felt tip wears down and gets mushy and shapeless.

This method of refilling a highlighter works with highlighters that store ink in a cylindrical piece of absorbent material. It does not work with highlighters that have a liquid ink storage tank.

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2 Replies to “D.I.Y. Highlighter Recharging”

  1. It’s really a great idea! Very eco-friendly.
    My favorite Highlighter are Tombow Twin Highlighters. Because the nibs are coated, they are very useful. But the rechargers are hard to find in Taiwan. So I get used to store some highlighters at the same time.
    I just followed this method and it works!
    I added my Diamine Presidential Blue ink with the blue highlighter(WA-TC89), and Diamine Sunshine Yellow ink with the golden yellow (WA-TC99). Now they seem quite well. 😀

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