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Glass Nibbed Pens – Writer's Bloc Blog

Glass Nibbed Pens

J. Herbin’s hand blown glass pens are beautiful and elegant works of art as well as treasured writing instruments. Although they are new to Writer’s Bloc, glass nibbed pens have been in use for many, many years.

There is a lot to like about glass nibbed pens. The dipping pens are easy to clean so they are great for trying out new inks or for when you are experimenting and mixing your own custom ink colors.  When the nib becomes slightly blunt, super-fine sandpaper can be used to renew the surface of the nib.  Hand-made glass pens are often beautiful works of art, with no two pens being exactly alike.  And, the nib reminds me of a soft-serve ice cream cone. Who doesn’t like ice cream?

Blogger Leigh Reyes has a glass nibbed Spors fountain pen that she uses to create beautiful works of art. She mentions that these pens were popular during war time because most metal was used for the war effort. If you want to watch her in action, YouTube features a video of her creating art with “a glass nib and the wanton use of ink.”

Natalie Perkins has a review of a glass dipping pen hand-made in Australia at Her drawing is lovely! She reminds us that these pens are also good for the environment.

A guide to old fountain pens by Olle Hjort has a feature article about HARO, the pens with a tip of glass that were first manufactured in Germany in 1926. An advertisement from 1944 points out that glass nibs wear more evenly than metal fountain pen nibs because they can be held however the writer likes. These nibs were also cheap and could easily be changed.

If you’re adventurous and want to try making your own glass pens, Arrow Springs provides some instructions on their website.

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  1. I use the Murano glass pens and I love them. They take a little practice because the ink flow is rather far from even and they tend to be “wet writers.” I’ve been using these glass pens at my desk for a few years and enjoy them greatly.

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