Uni-ball Jetstream Color Ballpoint Pen Review

The Uni-ball Jetstream Color is an oil-based ballpoint pen made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Co. Ltd. Mitsubishi describes this pen this way: it requires only light pressure while writing, it writes fast, dries fast and is a smooth writer.

The Uni-ball Jetstream Color pen is 5 9/16” long, the diameter of the barrel is a bit more than 3/8” wide and it is a light-weight 0.3 oz. The body and clip are both made of plastic. The grip area and clip are an opaque off-white with a design of subtle, small off-white squares.

The top section is a transparent color that indicates the ink color of the pen. The ink colors include at least black, blue-black, light-blue, red, pink and orange. Last time I checked refills are not yet available for this pen.

This Jetstream model comes with a 0.5 mm fine tip.

So what is my experience with this pen? I have the orange color and find that it is just as Mitsubishi describes it. The fact that my pen writes so smoothly, is light-weight and only requires a light touch means it causes minimal writing fatigue. Since I am a lefty, I am especially pleased that it dries fast and I don’t smear the ink!!

The ink flow is good so my pen never skips, however, there are a few little “ink blobs” once in awhile as is typical of ballpoint pens. I got orange since it is one of my favorite colors, and found that the orange ink color is very similar to Pilot’s Hi-Tec-C orange ink color. Orange is not a very dark ink color, but it’s a happy color and works great for my purposes. I got it because the 0.5 mm fine tip makes it a great pen for making small notes in page margins. Take a look at the scanned writing sample on Myndology paper.

Every pen performs differently, even pens that are the exact same model, and my experience with the Uni-ball Jetstream Color has definitely been a good one. I’m planning on adding a few more colors to my daily arsenal of pens.

What do you think of Uni-ball Jetstream Color pens? What is your favorite Jetstream model of pen?

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3 Replies to “Uni-ball Jetstream Color Ballpoint Pen Review”

  1. I wouldn’t know. Only the regular black rubber retractable 1.0mm version of the jetstream is sold on store shelves… If it’s not sold in stores, I refuse to buy it. It’s stupid in my opinion to pay $5.00+ dollars S&H on a roughly $2 product! insanity. Now you are paying upwards of $10 dollars for a pen thats actually only worth about a buck. If I’m going to spend $10+ for a pen, I will buy a fisher space pen at staples, or a cross century. I do however enjoy the regular jetstreams sold in the US.

  2. I own all the Jetstream color ballpoints and without reservation think they are God’s gift to writers. It’s nearly effortless to take pages of notes with these writing implements! I really cannot seem them improving such a great line of pens, so I’m simply hoping they stay on the market for a long, long time.

  3. Dan, just last week they had Jetstream 2-packs for 50 cents at Staples, in assorted colors. Check your Target store as well, the ones I’ve seen have a decent selection of Jetstreams. I’ve also seen packs of 2 or 3 (can’t remember) blue .7mm Jetstream RT pens at Dollar Tree for a dollar. The Jetstreams are some of the best pens sold today, IMO. Those and the Pentel EnerGel are two of my favorite pens to write with.

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