We Love Pencil Pouches!

How many times has this happened to you, you’re at a business meeting or getting ready to take a test, you reach into your pocket or backpack and find that you’ve forgotten your pen or pencil. The feeling of panic rushes over you and you frantically search around the room hoping that someone has an extra pen or pencil for you to borrow. Eventually you resort to using a half broken pencil, an almost dried out pen, and if worse comes to worst, a crayon. Been there. Done that. Fortunately I have found the perfect solution to prevent the pre-meeting/pre-test “oh my goodness I forgot my pencil” panic – pencil pouches! Pencil pouches are a fantastic way to organize your writing instruments and keep them all in one place. No more searching through the depths of your backpack or briefcase, simply whip out your trusty pencil case and get to writing! Just remember to bring your pencil pouch!

Small pencil cases are great for throwing into purses, backpacks, and briefcases. They are easy to find and sized to fit the essentials. The Clairefontaine Basic Leather Pen Case is perfect for everyday use. This pencil case from the Clairefontaine Basics line, also known as “Age Bag” in Europe, is made of soft sheep leather (or “cuir mouton” if you’re fancy) and is available in three different styles and colors. The square case holds about 15 pens, the trapezoid case holds about 12 pens, and the oval holds about 10.

Some may think that pencil pouches are a bit feminine, but the acclaimed Aston Leather company has created a pencil case for even the manliest of men. Aston Leather pencil pouches are dark in color and are made of thick cow leather. Waterproof and scratch resistant, these pencil pouches will withstand all the elements and last a lifetime. The Rhodia ePURE pencil case is another manly case made of black leather embossed with the Rhodia logo. Its slim, flat shape makes it easy to slip into a briefcase.

Large pencil cases are ideal for elementary school children. The Atomic Soda Minilabo pencil pouches are perfect for large pencils, colored pencils and are also large enough to fit erasers and pencil sharpeners.

Let us know what you keep your pencils in!

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