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Zebra Optex Care and Tombow Twin Highlighters – Writer's Bloc Blog

Zebra Optex Care and Tombow Twin Highlighters

Some of our favorite highlighters include Zebra Optex Care and Tombow Twin highlighters. What makes these highlighters different and why do we like them so much?

One of the first things you’ll notice about these highlighters is that each end of the highlighter has a different size tip – a broad chisel tip for highlighting words & phrases and a fine tip for taking notes, doodling or underlining. It gives you the flexibility of having two pens in one! Both highlighters can be capped no matter which end you are using.

Have you ever purchased a highlighter whose felt tip turned into mush within the first few weeks of use? You shouldn’t experience that problem with these highlighters since both of them have been designed with high quality felt tips that hold their shape well. The Zebra Optex Care has a tip similar to a regular highlighter. The Tombow Twin highlighter takes a different approach, using plastic polymer to make a little jacket or coat for the tip to help it keep its shape.

Both Zebra Optex Care and Tombow Twin highlighters come in a nice variety of colors including some out-of-the-ordinary colors such as tea brown, red, golden yellow and coral. The colors are pleasingly soft and not so screaming-bright that they are hard on the eyes. Zebra Optex Care and Tombow Twin sell their highlighters in sets of 10 different colors as well as individually.

Their slim design with the clip on one cap makes it so that I can use them in the pen-holder of my study portfolio – a bonus for me! Another bonus – if your Tombow highlighters are running dry you can use Tombow Coat Highlighter Chargers to refill them with ink.

How about you? What are your favorite highlighters?

Here is what the colors look like when photocopied:

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